Author’s book finally available in English

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A novelist who attributes her comic style to growing up in rural Derbyshire is celebrating seeing her first book in print in the UK.

Tracy Bloom, 42, who has just moved to Duffield from Carsington, wrote ‘No-one Ever Has Sex on A Tuesday’ while living in America. However, despite promising print runs in Europe and South America, she has only just seen her novel go to print in Britain.

Bloom, real name Tracy Blythe, grew up in Kirk Langley and worked at Alton Towers in what she described as her ‘dream job’ developing rollercoasters and attractions.

But when her husband, Bruce, was offered a job in the USA, the couple and their son, Tom, who was just a baby, headed out to Connecticut.

Mrs Blythe said: “I’d always wanted to write a book. I’d tried before but my career got in the way. In Connecticut, Tom slept for a couple of hours every afternoon, so I wrote then. I joined an evening class in creative writing to test out what I’d written there. It took about a year.

“I tried to get an agent, but never dreamt in a million years that I’d get one. But I did and she went on to sell it in Germany and Brazil.

“I was obviously really excited when it first went into print, but this is even more exciting because it’s the first time it’s been in out in the English language.I was so excited I even went out to Italy to see it in a book shop; but suddenly now, people I know can just read it.

“People are starting to review it on Amazon now and seem to enjoy it and say it’s funny.

“I wanted to write a book that was entertaining, something that was unexpected and funny, and that’s what people are saying, so that’s great.

“I grew up around here and farmers are a quick-witted bunch, always ready to take the mick, so you have to develop a sharp sense of humour, which is definitely used throughout the book.

“People I don’t know are rating it and liking it and that’s why I started out really.”

No-one Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday centres on Katy and Matthew, who meet years after an acrimonious split at a school reunion.

The resulting one-night-stand has some unexpected repercussions when they meet again eight months later at an ante-natal class with their respective partners.

A sequel to the novel, No-one Ever Has Sex After A Baby, is under way.