Can you solve the Mystery?

NBENBE120316a2, Belper mystery picture,
NBENBE120316a2, Belper mystery picture,
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DID you guess where our Mystery Picture was taken?

It was a chevron design on the wall of Belper Library in Bridge Street in the town, which no-one guessed!

NBENBE120309b1, Belper mystery picture. Belper library

NBENBE120309b1, Belper mystery picture. Belper library

We are aiming to test your knowledge of the town. Our photographer, Brian Eyre, has been out and about in Belper taking pictures of well-known local landmarks – but from unusual angles and positions and we want you to get in touch if you know where they are.

And there are plenty of well-known landmarks to go at in the town to test you.

Here is this week’s offering and we’ll give you a bit of a clue – if you get this one right you can take flight. . .

We will reveal where it is next week, including printing the full picture, with the names of the people who guessed it correctly. Make sure you give us your full name, address and a contact phone number if you enter.

If you think you know the landmark then drop us a line by email at or by phone on 01773 514163.

Next week we will print a new Mystery Picture so if you didn’t guess this week’s you can have another go.

Good luck!