Coward gives a great show

Considered by many as a master of his craft, Noel Coward's plays are an example of how to tell a yarn using excellent language without resorting to doubtful dialogue and with perceptibly created characters.

Blithe Spirit is one of his best and as presented by Quarndon Amateur Dramatic Society on four nights in the church hall, an assured winner.

Directed by Simon Carr, its cast of seven was well chosen.

Christopher Scott is an established local actor who brings individuality to everything he takes on.

Here as the urbane Charles Condomine, he worked faultlessly in portraying the author who organised a seance to gain information for his next book.

That his first wife materialised as a result caused unexpected problems, not least to the present one.

Deborah Simpson as the former, added another triumph to her long list of successes with eerie make-up, whilst Nike Caister took on the latter with aplomb.

In the famous role of the medium, Madame Arcati, Ruth Williams had all the required eccentricities, with James Brereton and Sheila Wood efficient as the doctor and his wife, Clare Hale was sturdy as the maid with hidden depths.

Blithe Spirit is one of these and deserved a recall.