Hopes for end to nuclear dumping at Crich quarry

ROLLS-ROYCE has ann-ounced it hopes to stop dumping nuclear waste Hilt's Quarry in Crich soon.

The company has dumped low-level nuclear waste at the site for 30-years.

But last week a spokesman for Rolls-Royce said the company intends to stop using the site - if they are able to do so. He said: "Rolls-Royce has received authorisation to use a site at Drigg in Cumbria to dispose low level nuclear waste.

"The company is now putting into effect the necessary arrangements for that to be put into place.

"Assuming we find no major difficulties in relation to these new arrangements it's Rolls-Royce's intention - if practically achievable - to no longer use Hilt's Quarry as a disposal site.

"However at this time we're not able to guarantee this. We're continuing to examine all other disposal options."

Crich and District Environmental Action Group has protested against Rolls Royce's use of the site for 500-days.

Vice-chair of the Crich and District Environmental Action Group Paul Devlin said their campaign was not over yet. He said: "Our campaign will continue until Hilt's Quarry can never be used again for the disposal of radioactive or toxic waste and until it is made safe for this and future generations."

Rolls Royce has always insisted their arrangements for Hilt's Quarry are safe.