COLUMN: Creative arts benefits can spill into wider world

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There are huge benefits when the creative arts spill out into the wider world. 
Those benefits include social, spiritual and economic benefits. 
An involvement in a performance project by either young or old gives the opportunity for them to develop self confidence and self esteem whilst improving interpersonal skills. 
Add into the equation self discipline, trust, problem solving, cooperation, collaboration, concentration and communication and you can see that developing theatre skills is more than learning not to bump into furniture. When I was planning the content for the theatre section of Belper Arts Festival I was motivated by the “inclusivity, not exclusivity” mantra. 
It was in my mind to encourage the development of skills, both for young and old, through a variety of workshops that would be not only instructive but fun. 
Within the Festival programme we have a variety of workshops. Improvisation, puppetry and the classic Italian mask theatre Commedia Dell’ Arte are represented. “Movement For Monologues” is a performance masterclass by movement director Kitty Winter. 
However, it is the workshops for children that I find most exciting. They have come from the fertile imaginations of Sophie and Larry Waller through their Captive Audience Community Theatre. “Captive Drama For Tots – Be A Beast” are special half hour sessions for two to four-year- olds and they will be held at Chucklebutties on May 8 and May 22. Imagination will be nurtured in developing both friendly and scary beasts. The sessions will also target voice and body language skills. “Children In Performance” has the Captive Audience Kids perform two specially commissioned pieces. “Toys” enables the younger children to display skills learnt in the creation of this piece including teamwork, observation and interpretation. “The Island Of Our Imagination” has been devised and developed by the older group. 
The performances take place on May 17 at the Strutt Community Centre. Captive Audience Community Theatre holds classes on Saturday mornings during term time at the Strutt Community Centre. 
Contact either Sophie or Larry Waller on either 07779118834 or 07970113564 for further details.




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