Stray dogs face uncertain future

Babbington Rescue: Tony Sanderson with the unfinished work.

Babbington Rescue: Tony Sanderson with the unfinished work.

Abandoned dogs could be turned away and destroyed if a rescue centre does not raise the £10,000 it needs to finish rebuilding its main block.

Workers had already started to demolish the building at Babbington Rescue Centre when owner Tony Sanderson was given the devastating news that a bank had refused to give him the full amount of a loan.

The block, which houses 40 per cent of all the rescued dogs brought in to the centre, near Awsworth, was in desperate need of renovation when Tony agreed a £60,000 loan with the Royal Bank of Scotland early last year.

But last month his bank manager said he could only lend him 60 per cent of the cash, leaving him desperately seeking the remaining cash.

“What it would mean is we would have to cut back by 40 per cent, which would essentially mean six dogs a week would not be getting into the rescue centre,” he explained.

“If nowhere could be found for those six dogs, they would be put down.”

The reduced bank loan left the centre with enough cash to demolish the old kennels and build the new block but the finishing touches, such as metal work, cannot be completed.

Since the devastating news, the centre’s supporters have dug deep and raised a further £5,000, including from Tony’s own savings, but they are short of £10,000, needed before February, when the new block is due to open.

“If there’s an individual or a company who wants to come forward, we are quite happy to name the block after them,” said Tony. “Or for a £250 donation you can sponsor a kennel and have your name on there.”

There are 21 kennels left to sponsor which could potentially mean £5,500 towards making up the shortfall.

One of the largest independent rescue centres in the country, Babbington currently takes in one per cent of the UK’s abandoned dogs.

To offer your help call Tony on 0115 932 4576.




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