Vandals trash memorial for handicapped

Peter Davies in Beaurepaire Gardens where a water feature has been vandalised

Peter Davies in Beaurepaire Gardens where a water feature has been vandalised

Drunken vandals are believed to be responsible for trashing a memorial dedicated to the memory of people who suffered from Down’s Syndrome.

Peter Davies, who looks after Beaurepaire Gardens near North Mill in Belper, was devastated to find a £300 water feature smashed over Christmas.

He said he thought it was young yobs who were responsible - after finding beer cans deposited nearby.

The fountain was installed in memory of people with Down’s who have died and is considered a quiet area where people can come to reflect on their lost loved ones.

Now, Mr Davies is putting-up a reward for information leading to a conviction and is asking for people to come forward to help identify those responsible.

He said: “It’s the stupidity of this that really gets me. This memorial is to commemorate people who have died from Down’s which can be a life-limiting illness.

“You would have to exert a lot of force to knock this over and if someone hasn’t pushed this over they would have to be shoved very hard into it.

“I think it must have been young people passing through while drunk and messing around.

“We can’t afford the insurance for this so it will be coming out of my pocket.”

Young people from the Whitemoor Centre transformed part of Beaurepaire Garden from a derelictsite into a thriving garden.

Research shows that horticultural therapy improves mental and physical well-being and its benefits have been extended to young people with conditions such as autism and Down’s Syndrome.

Anyone with any information about the vandalism is urged to contact Derbyshire Police on 101 . A reward upon conviction.

Mr Davies added: “Somebody may be bragging about it in the pub, if you know anything please get in touch.”




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