Meet our very own ‘royal’ Kate

Residents of Springwood Gardens Belper are holding a royal wedding street party.
Residents of Springwood Gardens Belper are holding a royal wedding street party.
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KATE Middleton will celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding – at a street party in Belper.

But fear not, there hasn’t been a mix up over the venues and Prince William will still wed his his bride-to-be.

The 29-year-old Kate Middleton will still be marrying the Prince in a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London on Friday, April 29.

But at the same time, 138 miles north, Belper’s own slightly older version of Kate Middleton will be the star attraction at a street party.

The bash for residents of Springwood Gardens, will feature food, drink, bunting, royal paraphernalia and a variety of games to celebrate the big day.

And at the head of the table, and wearing a tiara, will be Belper’s Kate, who lives on Springwood Gardens.

Our own shy Kate would not admit her age, but conceded she is in fact a grandma, but was younger than Prince William’s grandmother, the Queen, who is 84!

Kate, who is now known as Kate Nicholls because of marriage, said: “I am right behind the idea of a party, although I might be too old for it!

“It will be fun for everybody, especially the kids. It is a very small community here and an ideal place for a party.

“I just hope we get good weather!”

On the royals, Kate said: “I would not call myself the biggest royal fan but I do admire the Queen tremendously. She is marvellous, a great servant to the country.”

Kate admitted she could remember a number of other royal weddings from years gone by, saying: “I can vaguely remember the Queen’s wedding.

“But I very much remember the ones of Charles, Anne and Andrew.

“I will be watching this ceremony and it should be a lovely event.”

Busy Kate signed off our phone call by saying she was off to do a slightly less royal task — cleaning the toilets at home!

Chief organiser behind the party on Springwood Gardens is Helen Lalani.

The 50-year-old district nurse, who ensured Kate will have a tiara to wear on the day, said: “Kate is brilliant, she even sounds like the Queen!

“The party has been a community effort really. It is the perfect opportunity to have one.

“I am a big royal fan. I loved Princess Diana and I think William and Kate make a wonderful couple. It will be a brilliant day for everyone hopefully.

“For our party we are paying £10 per house and each bringing some food. We will also be wearing long, old dresses and big hats.

“We will be playing old-fashioned games such as bowls, a relay race, a slow bike race, and coconut shy. There will also be a giant Jenga.

“I would also love to get some stocks, so we can throw sponges at someone in the stocks. So if anyone has some stocks we can borrow, can they get in touch!”

If you want to have a street party fill in an application form on the borough council’s website at The deadline has passed but the council is still accepting applications.

l Let us know about your royal wedding party on 01773 881105.