Search for new Belper boat custodian at River Gardens begins

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The search is on for a new boats custodian in Belper’s River Gardens.

Resident Les Dorey raised the idea of someone taking over the running of the popular river boats so that they would be available for more of the year.

At present a member of staff from Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) is contracted to oversee the area.

However, Les and the council have now teamed up to try and recruit somebody to specifically oversee and run the boats department.

“It has been increasingly difficult to find someone who is interested in running the boats,” said Les.

“AVBC have been supplying staff as and when possible, mainly at weekends.

“What is really needed though is someone who would be willing to run them full-time from about 10.30am until 4pm or 5pm.

“It is of course only feasible during spring to autumn.

“It would ideally suit someone who is retired to give them an interest and to make a little pocket money.

“It is possible to make up to £150 a week after deduction by the council for use of facilities.

“They would have to take account of a possible tax situation, but this should not be a problem.”

Simon Gladwin, from AVBC’s landscape services team, said the council was open to the idea as it would free up their staff to focus on the other areas of the River Gardens. He said: “We’ve let out the boats before and we’d be open to letting them again.

“There is a member of staff who works there, but from our point of view we would like to free them up so they can focus on the park itself.

“We’d be happy to let the boats out but we want it to be a reliable service.”

Anyone interested can email