Strange lights over Belper - mystery solved

THE MYSTERY of the strange flashing lights in Belper has been solved – by electricity company bosses.

Reports of bright flashes in the night sky and unexplained electrical activity were due to a fault on an electrical transformer.

A spokesman for E-on, which controls and maintains the electricity network across the Midlands, said on the day in question, Saturday, December 20, the company had a call saying there was a fault on a mini-substation on Red Lane in Milford.

He said the fault would have caused a series of bright flashes and the power would have been affected as far as Belper.

The flashes were first reported by Tricia and John Booth, of William Street, who were awoken early in the morning by their phone resetting itself only to see three bright flashing lights through their bedroom skylight.

She said: "This goes a long way to solving the mystery, but I would still have a couple of questions: Why were there three distinct flashes which lit up the entire sky?"

The same thing was reported by Mark Jones, of Heydon Close.

An explanation has also been offered for other unexplained sightings of hovering orange lights in the night sky.

Simon Perry, a member of East Midlands group Sceptics In The Pub, said: "Orange lights are often Chinese Lanterns, which quite commonly cause UFO reports."

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