Tories take Mid-Derbyshire seat in General Election

The Tories have taken the newly created Mid-Derbyshire seat.

Grandmother Pauline Latham, 61, became the MP after polling 22,877 votes to win the seat from Labour's Hardyal Dhindsa who polled 11,585, with Liberal Democrat Sally McIntosh in third with 9,711.

After the vote was announced at 4am, she said: "I wish to say how delighted I am to have won this seat for Mid-Derbyshire. It was a resounding Conservative majority.

"I promise as the new MP to serve my constituents well. I am fantastically excited at having the opportunity of going to London, but my home will always be here in Mid-Derbyshire.

In fourth was BNP candidate Lewis Allsebrook with 1,698 votes, UKIP candidate Anthony Kay polled 1,252 and the Monster Raving Loony Party's RU Seerius polled 219.

Countdown to the result:


Polling stations across the newly created Mid-Derbyshire seat were reporting a good turn out as they closed tonight.

At the count to decide Belper's next MP, which is being held at Springwood Leisure Centre in Oakwood, near Derby, two of the candidates Tory Pauline Latham and Lewis Allsebrook, from the BNP, spoke to journalists after being the first to arrive.

Grandmother Mrs Latham, 61, said she was nervous due to the high turnout because it "makes it more uncertain".

She said: "I have seen the exit polls and I hope they are wrong because it looks like a hung parliament. I'm very nervous about that."

Mr Allsebrook, 25, said: "This seat has been intended to make a start for the BNP in this part of Derbyshire. Everything we get is a bonus."

There are six candidates fighting for the seat. The others are Hardyal Dhindsa for Labour, Sally McIntosh for the Liberal Democrates, Tony Kay for UKIP and RU Seerius for the Monster Raving Loony Party.

11.15pm: Labour candidate Mr Dhindsa said: "I am quietly confident, but also realistic. We have to consider that this was a Tory majority before this seat was formed."

12.30am: Liberal Democrat candidate Mrs McIntosh said: "I think we have done pretty well. It's hard to say at the moment, but it is looking good."

All the ballot boxes from polling stations across the constituency are at the leisure centre.

1am: Polls suggest we are heading for a hung parliament.

1.30am: Monster Raving Loony candidate Mr Seerius said: "It's been a very quiet campaign. I think I was campaigning in the wrong place for some of it. The constituency is so big I got lost a few times. I think it will be a Loony landslide."

Nationally: Conservatives have taken Kingswood from Labour.

1.50am: Nationally: Liberal Democrat top target seat of Guilford in Surrey stays Conservative - pundits are asking when is the tipped Lib Dem surge going to come?

Postal vote turn out in Derby North, Derby South and Mid-Derbyshire constituencies is 74.3 per cent.Overall turn-out figures due out soon.

2am: Overall turn-out for Mid-Derbyshire is 72 per cent. There are 66,074 people able to vote in the area, with 47,364 voting this time - the highest for many General Elections, officials said.

2.13am: Counting of the votes is about to begin.

3.30am: Close to a result as it emerges that that Labour has lost Erewash and Broxtowe to the Tories.

4.30am: Recount at Amber Valley. There are just a few hundred votes between sitting MP Judy Mallaber, for Labour, and Conservative Nigel Mills. Heage, Ambergate, Smalley, Holbrook, Denby and Kilburn are some of the areas which are part of the Amber Valley constituency.