It’s no pain, no gain for Belper Marlin swimmers

Belper Marlin Swimming Club chief coach Mike Brett during land training sessions.
Belper Marlin Swimming Club chief coach Mike Brett during land training sessions.
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Saturday was a day of pain for Belper Marlin Swimming Club youngsters.

Over 50 children began the day at 8am with an hour’s training session in the pool.

After a quick change, drink and some fruit – healthy diet is highly relevant - they then went into two hours of land training including boxercise, core work and leg muscle development.

No pain, no gain was the motto.

Lunch and rest followed this and then the afternoon began in earnest.

Team work again focused on fitness and strength and improvement of stroke technique with the use of resistance tubes was the name of the game.

After more fruit and drink, and a little dancing to Gangnam Style, the children were back in the pool for two hours.

Lots of hard work followed but the benefits will be seen in the coming weeks.

Watch out for them in the next gala as they are out for destroying the opposition!

A club spokesman said: “All this training is making Belper Marlin Swimming Club a collective to contend with.

“Over the last year, the swimmers of this small town have toppled clubs from much larger areas and cities.

“Many children are now swimming in the DX development and DX full squad, with some moving into national competition.

“Unfortunately they would admit that they have lost the battle against time to be an elite swimmer, however, they are helping by doing the team managers course so they can help at pool side.

“The club runs as a big family where everyone can get involved and gives time for the betterment of the swimmers. It’s afeather in the cap for Belper!

“Thanks to everyone who was involved in the boot camp working as a collective for the betterment of the club!”