Belper gym recovers from flooding in time to celebrate 30 years of business

John and Ann Stone, owners of Fit Pit gym.
John and Ann Stone, owners of Fit Pit gym.

Fit Pit faced the floods that swept Derbyshire at the beginning of November

A gym in Belper faced damages as the floods hit in recent weeks, but the staff 'pulled together' to reopen just three days later - in time to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Staff worked 18-hour shifts to try and get the gym fit to reopen.

Staff worked 18-hour shifts to try and get the gym fit to reopen.

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The Fit Pit, located in the East Mill, fell victim to the floods that swept Belper and surrounding areas which forced them to evacuate the gym on Friday 8 November.

Owner, John Stone, 63, said: "We've never seen flooding like it.

"We are based over two floors and the basement area holds our weight training facility - which is where the most damage happened.

"The weight training area, sunbed section and gents changing rooms were all flooded under around three to four inches of water."

Ann Stone, 63, who runs the gym alongside her husband, said: "Rain water should fill behind the gym but poured through the walls instead.

"We evacuated on Friday, due to the car park being under three feet of water, to ensure that clients could leave safely.

"However, through all of this madness, our customers and our staff have been understanding and amazing.

"Our staff worked tirelessly, 18-hour shifts to attempt to suck the water out and clean, so we could reopen on Monday.

"Our customers never complained, and offered their support and help, which we are all so grateful for."

The gym recovered from the floods in time to celebrate 30 years of business.

The celebrations will take place on Saturday 30 November, from 1pm until 4pm and at this time Fit Pit will be offering 'free classes, free saunas, free use of the gym and Tone Zone, half price sunbeds, free taste hand-spray-tans'.

Ann added: "There is no need for guests to book, they can just turn up and enjoy a piece of cake with us to celebrate.

"As a family, we are incredibly proud that we have tripled in size over the last three decades.

"We are proud of the variety of clients we have. People from all generations, mingling together and enjoying a natter and a coffee."

John continued: "We are really excited for the future, with possible expansion opportunities and the launch of our new class schedule in the new year.

"During the floods there was jokes about aqua aerobics - but all jokes aside we are very fortunate and thankful to our staff and lovely customers and hope they join us in celebration of the gym's 30 years."