Where Derbyshire County Council plans to ban smoking in bid to make hundreds more sites smoke-free

Smoking could be banned in more places in Derbyshire.
Smoking could be banned in more places in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire County Council could be set to ban smoking in bus shelters and outside school gates.

In new plans to quash the impact of second-hand smoking, the authority is looking to make hundreds of sites smoke-free spaces.

Next week, at a meeting of the authority’s cabinet on Thursday, April 18, councillors are set to approve an eight-week consultation into the new proposals later this year.

This could see the following areas made smoke-free spaces:

•Infant, junior and primary school gates;

•Children’s play areas/playgrounds;

•Children’s sports clubs;

•Adults’ sports clubs;

•Sports stadiums;

•Bus and taxi stands;

•Outside county, district and borough council buildings;

•Leisure Centre entrances;

•Skate parks;

•Theme Parks (targeted at children’s specific areas).

The county council says that the smoke-free areas would be self-policing and would not be enforced by authority staff.

It has not yet revealed how far away from the sites people would be required to be while smoking.

A council spokesperson said: “At this stage we are seeking people’s views and would work with schools and other partners to look at what is practical and appropriate at each location.

“This would be a voluntary code which would aim to discourage people from smoking in areas where children might be present as there is evidence that self-policing policies, particularly where they involve and engage children and families, can have a positive impact.”