Batmen and a Robin

Batman - Memory Lane.
Batman - Memory Lane.

‘HOLY raft race, Batman’, as his trusty sidekick Robin might have said.

Our final picture this week show two men dressed as the famous Caped Crusader, and another chap seemingly dressed as the Boy Wonder, Robin.

The News’ photographer, Brian Eyre, believes this trio were taking part in a raft race that used to be held on the River Derwent between Ambergate and Belper.

He says the race started behind the Hurt Arms pub on the A6 and finished in Belper’s River Gardens.

Brian added that the race stopped “five or six years ago” and that it was all just a bit of fun. He believes it used to take place in the summer months.

Can you verify what Brian has told us? Or can you give us some more information about what is shown in this snap?

Are you one of the men dressed up? Or do you know one of them?

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