Comedian Joy Carter examines the funny and sad side of Adoption in Derby

Comedian Joy Carter is live at the Bean Caffe in Derby next week as part of the Derby comedy Festival

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 7:00 am
Joy Carter is live in Derby next week with her new show Adoption

The first words the black comedian ever said to her new white adopted family, at the age of four, were ‘who are you’?

And such questions form the basis of Joy’s new show, Adoption.

Who are we? Who are you? What is difference about in society? Brilliant storytelling is Joy’s trademark as she explores her own trans-racial adoption story from war-torn Nigeria, to Scunthorpe to London.

Adoption is tragic, it’s sad – and it’s also unbelievably hilarious.

Joy explains this stuff with her beloved flute ‘Bertie’ and is the only UK comic to play the flute angrily.

Expect the bravery and brilliance of ‘funny’ ombined with a strong passion to see audiences engage and comprehend this difficult and emotionally complex subject matter.

Joy is a successful established musical comedian on the flute and piano.

She has worked in the UK and abroad for more than 12 years and in 2015 went to Edinburgh with her debut musical comedy show Aspects of Joy which was well received, but left audiences wanting to know more about her adoption story as it was only briefly mentioned.

Already the show has been very well received at the Leicester Comedy Festival in February and is already being booked into more festivals, communities and theatres.

From 2016 into 2017 Joy’s desire is that the show will tour 30 venues in the UK from theatres, art centres, business into communities and churches.

Joy is working closely with various organisations including leading adoption and fostering charity The Cornerstone Partnership to produce a ‘call for action’ event after performances.

These will allow the public to continue their engagement by hearing speakers and asking questions on adoption and fostering to a specialist panel from their community and sign up to either adopt or foster after the panel talk.

The show is at the Bean Caffe on Friday, May 6 at 7pm and tickets are £5 on the door, on 01332 255800 or on