Do you recognise the people in our pub picture poser?

editorial image

Thanks to those who got in touch and pointed out that the girls featured in our main picture on May 30 were actually St John’s Ambulance volunteers. This week a large group of Belper drinkers need identifying so get in touch if you can name any of the people raising a glass or if you can tell us why they were holding a get together.

We love to see your Memory Lane pictures and hear your recollections of ones we feature. You can send your pictures to, post them to : Belper News, 27 Grosvenor Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3JE or drop them off at our community postbox at News Corner at the top of King Street, opposite the Market Place in Belper. You can also contact us on Twitter at @belperlatest or phone us on 01773 514 153. We look forward to hearing from you.