Ex-Belper teacher asks: ‘Where are they now?’

1948 school mem lane
1948 school mem lane

50 years ago

March, 1961

Legged race mem lane

Legged race mem lane

boy wins archery contest: A 14-year-old boy beat a host of older opponents in Belper Archery Club’s first match of the season. Ian Tomes, of Belper, made the highest score of 233 in the match at Mansfield against Bury Hill Bowmen. A junior, Ian beat all of the seniors in a match where about 30 archers took part. Bury Hill entered longbow and crossbow teams against the Belper longbow men. Belper won by 771 points to Bury Hill’s 686 (crossbow) and 667 (longbow).

30 years ago

March, 1981

bones raise cash for hospital: Butcher Robert Montgomery, of Chapel Street, Holbrook, came up with a novel idea to raise money for the Special Baby Care Unit at Derby City Hospital. Instead of giving bones away for customers’ dogs, he asked them to donate either 5p, 2p or 1p into a half-gallon whisky bottle. When it was full, he charged 10p for people to guess how much was in it. The winner got a chicken and the hospital got £53.

ten years ago

March, 2001

Oz trip leads to mag date: A family from Belper found fame in Australia. During a holiday Down Under, Jane Slack, Carl Perry-Taylor and his parents Brian and Yvonne ended up featuring in the Australian magazine Caravan World. The article told the story of Carl and Jane’s time travelling around the country for a year. Highlights of the trip included time spent working on a crocodile farm.