Football mum joins the lads and dads’ match

Memory lane lads vs dads (and mum) football match
Memory lane lads vs dads (and mum) football match
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50 years ago

February, 1961

Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Milford girl to marry in tehran: A Milford bride-to-be was busy making final preparations for a journey of hundreds of miles to wed her fiancee in the Iranian capital city of Tehran. Kathleen Salt, who used to attend Herbert Strutt School in Belper, was due to marry Richard Marfleet on February 23 at St Paul’s in Tehran. Richard, who went to the same school as Kathleen, was working in Tehran as a geologist for the London branch of an American firm.

30 years ago

February, 1981

news reporter meets a friendly fish!: Belper News reporter Carmel O’Toole’s delight was off the ‘scale’ when she met an 18-inch-long tropical fish. ‘Henry’ lived at the Colliers Arms in Kilburn and was, according to pub landlady Cheree Beresford, popular with regular customers. The fish, which was a delicacy in its home country Indonesia, formed an attachment with Cheree, even waiting at one end of his tank for a kiss!

ten years ago

February, 2001

Centre a big hit with japanese: Belper’s Derwent Valley Visitors’ Centre welcomed two Japanese guests as it continued to confirm its place as one of Derbyshire’s — if not the world’s — best museums. The two Japanese tourists came to Belper to look at the town’s textile industry and archaeology. They spent two hours looking around the spinning machines in the historic North Mill. They were said to have had a wonderful time.