Heather plays the right tune for school band

Pig mem lane
Pig mem lane
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50 years ago

March, 1961

Pottery School band mem lane

Pottery School band mem lane

fierce pride in town: In a talk at the local Rotary Club, Marjorie Blount told how Belper folk were fiercely proud of their town – despite not talking about it much. Miss Blount, of Spencer Road, Belper, was recalling the town’s nail-making days and said that at one time 800 forges were in use in the town, and about 1,000 men worked in them. She also said that every Derbyshire-born person believed that the county was the centre and heart of England.

30 years ago

March, 1981

“black puddings everywhere!”: Those were the words uttered by Belper butcher Jerry Howarth as he prepared for his annual trip to France for the International Foire au Boudin – the Black Pudding Fair. The event was taking place in Mortagne-au-Perche, which is about 160km from Paris, and all the puddings were sent in advance. Mr Howarth would not disclose his secret recipe for the black pudding but said it was “an original family recipe”.

10 years ago

March, 2001

pants to poverty: Customers seeking financial advice from the Britannia Building Society, in Belper, were taken aback to see staff in their pyjamas. Workers had dressed up in their nighties and pants to raise money for Comic Relief. Branch manager Jean Main said: “We’ve had some really good fun. It has been wonderful.” One customer even offered staff member Spencer Ford £500 to shave his legs – but he couldn’t be persuaded!