Here are the Derbyshire towns where it is hardest for repeat driving testers

L plates
L plates

Buxton driving test centre is the sixth hardest in the East Midlands for repeat testers while the Chesterfield centre is the 13th toughest , according to new data.

An FOI response revealed the number of "multiple testers" - those who needed 5+ attempts to pass - there were at each testing centre in the country.

The request was submitted by GoCompare and retrieved 18 East Midlands based test centres' performances over 2018-2019.

At the Buxton centre the proportion of those tested who needed five or more attempts to pass was 1.54%. In Chesterfield that figure was 1.27%.

Leicester Cannock Street test centre emerged as the hardest in the region for repeat testers while Hinkley was found to be the most likely test centre for drivers to avoid multiple attempts.

East Midlands proved to be the fifth best region out of 11 in the country for average driving test pass rates.

The region achieved a first-time pass rate of 38.60% in 2017-2018, a drop of -5.20% on the 2014-15 figure.