Kids bowled over by cricket coaching sessions

Cricket mem lane
Cricket mem lane

THIS excited group of youngsters look bowled over to be taking part in some cricket coaching sessions.

The mixture of boys and girls (but mainly boys!) look bat-ty about the ‘gentleman’s game’.

But were any of these children future Ian Bothams, Brian Laras or Andrew Flintoffs?

The photograph is taken at Belper Sports Centre in, we think, the early 1990s when legendary players such as Graham Gooch and Curtly Ambrose were plying their trade.

The only definite information we have is that the children were taking part in coaching sessions.

We also have the name Alan Hill written on the back of it, although it gives no indication as to who he is.

Could he have been one of the adults on the back row, or was he one of the children in the snap?

Did any of these young cricketers go on to have a future in the game? Or were they a success in any other sport?

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