Lads from Belper school find their sea legs

Herbert Strutt School trip to Portsmouth in 1949
Herbert Strutt School trip to Portsmouth in 1949

50 years ago

January, 1961

Memory Lane - Belper Colts FC

Memory Lane - Belper Colts FC

belper girl’s pet for police: An animal-loving Belper schoolgirl said goodbye to her beloved dog ‘Ranger’. Fourteen-year-old Susan Williams handed over her black and tan pet Alsation to Derbyshire Police so he could train to be a police dog. As ‘Ranger’ jumped up to her one last time, Susan, who went to Herbert Strutt School, said: “He has a wonderful temperament and should make a fine police dog — but I’ll miss him.”

30 years ago

January, 1981

sold in less than ten minutes: The Lord Nelson pub in Belper was sold in less than ten minutes when it went up for auction. The Bridge Street boozer went under the hammer of R T Platt, auctioneers of Derby. And the pub proved popular as bids went up £19,000 from the starting price. The bidding started at £40,000, and a final price of £59,000 was reached. A young couple, Mr and Mrs B.Staley, of Sheffield, were the successful bidders.

ten years ago

January, 2001

still delivering meals at 90: Sprightly Belper resident Pat Nixon celebrated his 90th birthday the previous month by having a day off from his job delivering meals on wheels. Despite his age, Far Laund resident Pat still liked to help what he called the town’s “old people”. Pat also regularly drove pensioners to hospital appointments. During World War Two, Pat was the navigator of the DC-3 that flew Dame Vera Lynn to the Far East to entertain troops.