Photo of pools winners

Pools cheque - Memory Lane.
Pools cheque - Memory Lane.

PAT Tooze brought us this picture because she read about it in the Belper News a couple of weeks ago!

In the ‘50 Years Ago’ section of our Looking Back column on January 18 we featured a snippet about a pools win for a syndicate at The Fountain Tavern in Belper in January, 1962.

Pat’s dad, Arthur Newham, was one of the lucky winners!

Arthur died aged 76 in 1986. He was aged 52 in this snap, which shows the syndicate being presented with their winning cheque. The syndicate won £1,800.

Pat said: “He was very happy about it. It was quite a lot of money back then. They were all happy!”

Pat said her dad, who worked for British Rail, bought her a watch with some of his winnings.

She added: “My husband Maurice recognised the story straight away.

“I just thought the picture would be of interest to people in Belper.

“I know all the faces in the photo, but I don’t know their names, apart from landlady Lily Sherratt.”