Ping pong for red nose

Ping pong lessons
Ping pong lessons
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AT FIRST glance it appears that the table tennis ball is obscuring this man’s face in our third and final picture this week.

Luckily, he is wearing a Comic Relief Tee-shirt so it soon becomes clear that it is in fact a red nose on his face!

The amusing snap shows the man teaching a youngster how to play table tennis.

Let’s hope the lad, who is a Scout or a Cub, didn’t get confused and try and hit the red nose!

But what exactly is going on here?

It must have been a fundraising event for Comic Relief? but what kind of event?

Were the Scouts and Cubs raising money for the charity marathon?

There also appears to be a game of football going on in the background, so perhaps it was a sports event to raise cash.

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