Play their cards right

Kids dressed as playing cards - Memory Lane.
Kids dressed as playing cards - Memory Lane.

THERE is certainly a few diamonds among this group of youngsters.

The 26 children were dressed up as a number of different playing cards.

All the suits are represented in the picture, with diamond being the most popular.

The group forms half the total number of cards in a deck, which is 52.

So, we were wondering if there was another group of 26, who are not on the picture, who completed the pack.

We think the picture is from the early 1990s. That, and the fact that the children look splendid in their fancy-dress, is the only thing we know.

Are you on this picture? And do you remember dressing up as a playing card? Perhaps one of these youngsters is your son or daughter?

Also, can you tell us which school this photo was taken at? Someone must recognise the background, even if they don’t recognise the children.

If you have any details about it, let us know.