REVIEW: Let Holiday Extras help you start your trip in style

Why not take advantage of Meet and Greet parking at East Midlands Airport?
Why not take advantage of Meet and Greet parking at East Midlands Airport?

Us Brits love a holiday abroad and with our unreliable climate, it's no great surprise!

And once you've booked that all important getaway, your thoughts then turn to the airport - how you'll get there, where you'll park and all the rest.

Holiday Extras can help with all of that, from airport parking to airport lounges and even hotels for the night before your flight.

I recently experienced the fantastic Meet and Greet parking service at East Midlands Airport and it's easy to see why travellers choose this option time and time again.

Arriving at the airport, I simply drove up to the barrier, confirmed my details and then was told which lane to park my car in. It's then just a case of grabbing your luggage and walking across the road to the meet and greet office to leave your keys with the staff - who were warm and friendly, even in the early hours of the morning!

You're given a ticket to then hand over when you return, and on your arrival back at East Midlands, your vehicle is waiting for you in pretty much a similar spot.

Now when it comes to the airport itself, for lots of us, that's where the holiday really begins. So why not treat yourself with an airport lounge?

Lounge access gives you the chance to chill out before your flight, and take advantage of all the added extras. You'll find hot and cold food included in your lounge access, as well as drinks, wi-fi access and much more.

Holiday Extras can arrange lounge access at a wide range of airports both in the UK and abroad so you can begin and end your holiday in style.

Visit the website to get your parking, lounge access and more sorted ahead of your holiday.

Meet and Greet Airport Parking at East Midlands Airport

Holiday Extras offers trusted Meet and Greet services at all major UK airports. To book Meet and Greet parking at East Midlands Airport from £85 for eight days, visit or call 0800 1313 777.