Santa Claus meets children

editorial image

WITH Christmas just around the corner, we dug up a festive snap for this week’s Memory Lane.

It shows Father Christmas meeting a group of excited children somewhere in Sawmills.

Some of the kids in the picture appear to have already received their presents from Santa.

One of the children has a toy car, another has what looks like a Barbie doll, while the little lad at the front appears to have a toy clock.

We think the picture was taken in 1990 — but we don’t know much more.

Do you recognise anyone in the photo? Perhaps you know who was dressed up as Santa? Were you his helper?

Or maybe you recognise yourself as one of the children — the cheeky lad on the right with his tongue out perhaps?

If you can shed any light on the snap, please get in touch on 01773 514153 or email