What to do in the garden

Keep collecting seed from perennials and alpines and watch out for any tree and shrub seeds you might want to save.

When planting spring bulbs in pots, put plenty of drainage material in the bottom and add potting compost mixed with a handful of grit.

Stop feeding permanent plants in containers.

The first autumn-fruiting raspberries are ready for eating.

Divide and replant large clumps of perennial herbs

Raise the cutting height on your lawnmower as the growth rate of the grass slows.

Propagate new gooseberry bushes by taking hardwood cuttings from healthy plants before their leaves drop.

Collect, clean and store away cane supports as plants go past their best.

Cut down marginal plants around pools that are dying back.

Net ponds to stop autumn leaves blowing in.

Transplant overgrown or badly positioned shrubs and conifers after preparing the new planting sites.

Sow hardy winter varieties of lettuce under cloches or in the borders of a greenhouse.

Detach the layered side shoots of carnations which have rooted and place them in a new spot.

Plant blocks of Dutch Iris in sunny positions, to flower in early summer.