What to do in the garden

Attach sticky grease bands to trees to prevent pests climbing up.

Continue to plant new trees, bushes and cane fruits in prepared ground.

Bring in any tender plants before the first frosts.

Cut back long shoots of shrubs and climbers in the greenhouse after flowering.

Cut wild flower meadows once plants have shed their seeds.

Refill bird feeders and baths regularly to ensure they have plenty to eat and drink during the cooler months.

Stop feeding and reduce watering for plants in the greenhouse.

Make sure bowls of bulbs being forced for indoor flowering do not dry out.

Top-dress established borders with well-rotted compost or manure

As land becomes vacant in the vegetable plot, start digging while the ground is still soft enough, leaving it rough to allow maximum penetration by frost.

Plant biennials such as foxgloves, Canterbury bells and honesty where they are to flower next year.

Cut back asparagus foliage and clean the bed of weed before applying a layer of compost or well-rotted manure.

Check over brassicas for cabbage white caterpillars and remove any you see.