Youngsters all set to jump for joy at skipping

Skipping memory lane
Skipping memory lane

50 years ago

February, 1961

Co-op memory lane

Co-op memory lane

welcome to new belper curate: The Rev G. Holden, who was recently appointed as curate at St Peter’s Church in Belper, was welcomed to the parish at a social gathering. He said, in reply to greetings, that ministers were “merely drainpipes to channel the faith in Christianity to the people”. Vicar’s warden Mr D.P. Huddle said it may take a while for Rev Holden to be accepted as one of the people, but he felt sure he would receive their support.

30 years ago

February, 1981

Pukka part for schoolboy: When the director of ‘Night and Day’ at Derby Playhouse, Christopher Honer, needed someone to play the part of a ten-year-old pukka English schoolboy living in Africa, he didn’t have to look far. For a slightly diminutive 13-year-old named Alexander Whitlock, who lived in Little Eaton, fitted the part perfectly. Small in size, but confident and forthright, Alexander was just what Honer was looking for. Alexander was a pupil at the Ecclesbourne School in Duffield.

10 years ago

February, 2001

blueprint for 21st century belper: A series of suggestions and proposals for how Belper could be improved in the 21st century are revealed. The document, created by the Donaldson Edwards Partnership, included suggestions such as creating a bypass from the East Mill to Herbert Strutt School; totally pedestrianising King Street; building a hotel on Derwent Street; developing housing and car parking in the East Mill; and creating an art gallery at the top of King Street.