A range of offences have big impact on road safety

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As some readers may recall, we run SafeDrive operations regularly in Ilkeston.

Local officers team up with colleagues in our roads policing department, CREST, and officers from DVSA (formerly VOSA), to check a broad range of offences that have an impact on road safety.

On March 26, we conducted a SafeDrive on Nottingham Road.

You may recall the thing I find most depressing about the results we get is the number of people who seem absolutely bent on placing themselves and others at risk.

No fewer than 12 drivers had calls that they thought were just so urgent they could not pull over somewhere safe and take them.

An astounding 26 seemed to think that they had superpowers that would stop them flying through the windscreen in the event of a crash and that their seatbelt was unnecessary.

However, the state of some vehicles is a cause for concern too.

You may drive carefully, wear a seatbelt, and would never consider using the phone at the wheel.

But if your car isn’t up to it, then make no mistake; it can be just as dangerous.

Some 20 drivers were dealt with for having faults such as defective tyres or lights.

But an incredible five were subject to PG9 prohibition notices.

This is where the vehicle is examined and the defects found to be so serious that it is not allowed to carry on without either repair or recovery.

We also dealt with three vehicles for insecure or excessive loads-again, offences that can put others at risk also.

Because most journeys we make are uneventful, it is all too easy to become blasé and complacent about road safety.

Even when something does occur, there seems to be a grim acceptance that ‘accidents happen’, and that collisions and injuries are inevitable.

Well, accidents don’t ‘just happen’. And even if we can’t stop all of them, we can prevent a great many by ensuring our vehicles are roadworthy, and not doing stupid things whilst driving.

The clocks have gone forward, the nights are lighter and the weather is hopefully going to get better soon.

As well as day-to-day journeys, there will be more driving for pleasure, I am 

My request this month is to take the chance to check the condition of your vehicle before you get in it and to be careful once you set off.

Thank you.