A610 floods after bridge is demolished

The demolition of an old railway bridge spanning the A610 at Sawmills has created a ‘Niagara Falls’ flooding problem, say local people.

Jon Starr, of Riversdale, Ambergate, said: “After the torrential downpour on Wednesday August 15 we now have our very own Niagara Falls with gallons of water being dumped on the road causing the already inadequate drains to fail and turning the road into a 40mph boating lake.”

He added that the 1874 Pye Bridge Line railway bridge used to channel water from the hillside behind it over the road into culverts and then deposit it in the river. Members of the Bullbridge and Sawmills Area Civic Society, who fought against the bridge’s demolition, say the bridge also helped traffic to slow down.

Derbyshire County Council denied the bridge provided drainage and believe there may be a blockage in a private drain on the embankment to the River Amber. They will be investigating.