Advice from Relate

An unexpected consequence of children returning to school this week is likely to be an increase in calls to Relate the relationship support charity.

Last year the charity saw a 22 per cent increase in calls when children returned to school and expect the same this year.

Callers wanted help with their relationship and advice on dealing with the anxiety of children starting a new year at school.

Bev Miller, Centre Director of Derby and Burton Relate Centres: “For some people, the new school year causes children and parents anxiety. For others, once the children are back at school they realise they can’t ignore their relationship problems anymore.”

  Advice for anxious parents:

 o   Remember this time last year, however anxious you might have felt you did get through it.

o   If you had negative experiences of school in your childhood remember that everyone’s experience is different and there’s no logical reason to think history will repeat itself.

o   Get support from other parents who are going through a similar experience.

o   Focus on the new opportunities your child can look forward to, not just the challenges.

o   Consider other difficult times your child may have been through and the resources they used to cope.

o   Remember that settling in takes time and ensure you have plenty of family treats over the first few weeks.

Relate Centres in Derby and Burton offers relationship counselling (for couples and individuals), family counselling, sex therapy, children and young people’s counselling (Safe Speak). If you wish to make an appointment in Derby or Belper call 01332 349177 or for an appointment in Burton or Uttoxeter call 01283 561697.