Allestree property expert launches her own venture

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A Derbyshire property expert is launching her own independent estate agents in Allestree.

Michelle Lerner has run an office in Allestree Lane on behalf of Long & Partners for the last 10 years.

But now, Michelle is taking over the premises and launching her own independent venture called Lewis Adam – named after Michelle’s father and late son.

She will use the vast experience of her team, which has managed the current office on a franchise basis for the past five years.

Michelle said: “I’m really excited to be gearing up to launch, ten years after going through a similar process to open for someone else.While we are obviously a new name, all our staff have been in the industry locally for a long time and we have a wealth of experience to offer clients.

“Buying a house is likely to be the biggest purchase most people will ever make so even in this era of electronic communication people still want to sit face-to-face and look someone in the eye when making such a commitment.

“That will be at the heart of our focus as a business as we seek to use our experience to ensure clients get the best deal.

Steve Harcourt is partner in the Nottingham office of Baldwins Accountants and has been working with Michelle for more than five years.

Steve said: “We are delighted to see that Michelle is now in a position to launch the new business after seeing all the work she has put in over the years.The process of transferring from a franchisee to an independent business owner can often be quite complex.”