Amber Valley Borough Council is back under Tory control

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The Conservatives are back in control following of Amber Valley Borough Council.

They won all but one seat at the borough council elections, with the make up of the make-up of the council now 24 seats for the Conservatives and 21 for Labour.

The turnout was 76.03 per cent.

The results are:

Alfreton: Labour Gail Dolman 1,626, Conservative 985, Lib Dem 121 Green 113, UKIP 718.

Alport: David Taylor wins for Conservatives, 1,126 votes, Labour, 323 Green 211.

Belper Central: Daniel Booth, Conservative, 1,320 votes, Labour, 965 votes, UKIP 400 votes, Green, 396 votes.

Belper East: Jackie Cox, Conservative, 1,515 votes, Labour, 980 votes, Green, 230 votes, UKIP, 491 votes.

Belper South: Paul Hillier Conservative 1,214, Labour 898, Green 419 ,UKIP 445.

Crich: Conservative Gareth Gee, 784 votes. Liberal Democrats 180, Labour 425 votes, Green 109 votes.

Heage Ambergate: Valerie Taylor Conservative, 1,264 votes, UKIP, 440, Green 163, Labour 1,038, Lib Dem 90.

Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook: Kevin Buttery, Conservative, 2,212, John Phillip Banks, Lab, 1,210, Adrian Nathan UKIP 664, Lian Pizzey Green 203, Ron Welsby, Lib, 163.

Ripley: Paul Colin Moss, Cons, 1,836, Antony Thomas Tester, Labour, 1,572, Peter Jelf, Lib Dem, 140 votes, Paula Ann Parkin, UKIP, 811, Tony Youens, Green, 165.

Ripley Marehay: Ronald Ashton, Conservative 1,273 votes, Lib Dem 71, Labour, 1,089, UKIP 454, Green 109.

Southwest Parishes: Kathryn Orton, Conservative, 1,347 votes. Green 377.

Swanwick: Steve Hayes, Conservative, 1,679 votes, Timothy Benson, Labour 885 votes, Jackie Blackett green, 124 votes, George Soudah, Independent, 439 votes,

Margaret Tomkins, Liberal Democrat, 79 votes.

Wingfield: Valerie Thorpe, Cons, 920, Geoffrey Johnston, Labour, 302, Ann Fox, UKIP, 109, Mike Jones, Green 49, Ollie Smith Lib Dem 40.

Last year Labour won control of Amber Valley Borough Council – ending 14 years of Tory rule.