Amber Valley council bidding to launch online lottery game

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Plans for Amber Valley to have its very own lottery – with half of the cash raised going to good causes – is set to get the green light next week.

Amber Valley Borough Council would like to set up the online game across the area and then have an outside company run it.

It would be only the third council in the country to set up the scheme and it has guaranteed a payout of £20,000 per jackpot where the player matches six numbers.

A report drawn up by council officers says it would “operate borough-wide, with profits distributed by the borough council to local voluntary and community organisations”.

It would cost one pound to play, and half of the money raised from purchased tickets would be donated to good causes. The lottery would be drawn once a week.

Players would be able to choose six numbers. To win the jackpot the ticket must match both the numbers and sequence as drawn. Players can also win a prize if the ticket matches the sequence of the first or last two, three, four or five numbers drawn.

As Amber Valley is a local authority, the lottery would have to be licensed by the Gambling Commission. It would also have to be online. This is due to the costs of distribution and sales in any other way. The lottery will be able to be accessed via desktop, mobile and tablet.

A decision on whether to go ahead with the plan is set to be made at a full council meeting that will be held at Ripley Town Hall on Wednesday, March 2.

Council leader Councillor Alan Cox said he thinks the scheme will be a success.

He said: “The cabinet recommended the decision to be made at the full council meeting as it doesn’t have the authority to make the call itself.

“I have no doubt that it will be approved though, as it is a great plan and would benefit the residents, individually and charities.

“It would enable us to invest in causes close to our hearts. Various charities will have the opportunity to register for donations. By signing up they would have their own web page for the lottery helping them in engaging players and raising income. The power will be with the player. They will have the option to actually choose where they would like the proceeds to go when they purchase a ticket.”