Ambulance plan under spotlight

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Proposals to change the way ambulance services are delivered in the Amber Valley were due to be in the spotlight at a meeting tonight.

Peter Ripley, director of operations for East Midlands Ambulance Service, will be attending Ripley Town Hall on March 20 at 7pm to explain plans to change the way the ambulance service works and how this will affect localcommunities.

Under the proposals, Belper Ambulance Station at Babington Hospital would be either shut or downgraded to become a community ambulance post – which would only contain rest facilities.

Crews would have to collect their vehicle from either Chesterfield or Derby at the beginning of each shift.

The presentation will be made before Amber Valley Borough Council’s improvement and scrutiny committee, which often provides a public forum for examining changes to local services provided by other bodies.

Cllr Kevin Buttery, chairman of the improvement and scrutiny committee said: “Residents are quite rightly concerned about planned changes to this key service and need to be 
re-assured that any changes will not impact upon the quality of service they currently receive”.

“The main purpose of any ambulance service is to save lives and help people. So any changes must show they will improve that service.

“This is the first time 
councillors in Amber 
Valley have had the opportunity to question the validity of the proposed changes, so it is 
important we find out all the facts.

“Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting to listen to the proposals and put questions to Mr Ripley.”