Anger as yobs trash kids’ new play area

MINDLESS vandals have been slammed for damaging a new £58,000 park in Holbrook.

Proud locals joined Holbrook teenager Emily Staton, who helped raise money for the play area, and Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills to unveil the completed playground on Mellors Lane just four months ago. Now the same people have been left to survey the damage left by thugs.

Vandals set fires which scorched two trees near the top of the park, and others had also been started in one of the new waste bins and in the small wooded area near a children’s trail.

About 20 hawthorn whips, which had been planted by children from Holbrook Primary School, had been ripped out and strewn on the ground.

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Also, fencing wire that had been installed by volunteers was broken in several places, by thugs.

A spokesman for the Holbrook Parish Plan Group said: “Why do we bother? The destruction of a facility that brings so much pleasure and recreation to the village is totally unacceptable.

“What kind of society do we live in? What kind of person does that damage?

“We need to make sure that whoever is responsible faces suitable justice.

“We are determined that the actions of the few should not spoil the benefits to the rest of the community. We are asking the whole community to support us on this by passing on any information on the vandals.

“If any vandalism is seen taking place, inform the clerk to the parish council immediately or failing that phone the police. We want people to keep their eyes open.

“Let’s take action now before it gets worse.”

Empty vodka bottles, broken glass and litter have also been found dotted around the park.

The play equipment for the park was funded by National Lottery money. The building of the new play area was achieved in part due to the hard work of Holbrook teenager Emily Staton. She led a small group of teenagers asking for an upgrade to the play area.

Emily’s enthusiasm provided the incentive for the Parish Plan Group to secure the £58,000 funding from the Lottery.

Her determination helped her win a prestigious Derbyshire Young Achiever Award last December.

Sgt Richard Booth said the vandalism had been reported to them.

“The local Safer Neighbourhood team is aware and patrols in the area have been increased,” he added.