Anger over Remploy


I hope that many people are as appalled as am I at the recent comments by Ian Duncan Smith as Work and Pensions Secretary. He proposes to close a number of ‘Remploy’ workplaces and thus drive disabled people out of employment.

Disabled people at ‘Remploy’ have the dignity of going to work, rather than calling on the benefits system. They are an example to us all.

If that was not bad enough the Foreign Secretary William Hague now tells us we all have to work harder.

Tell that to the disabled people of the closing ‘Remploy’ factories. Perhaps he should have a conversation with Ian Duncan Smith.

In any case many, British people cannot work any harder than they do at present. Does the Foreign Secretary of all people not know that we are in the EU? Since we are, with his continued encouragement, we are subject to the ‘Working Time Directive’ which limits employees to 48 hours per week. How then, can they work harder?

Derek Clark UKIP MEP for the East Midlands

UK Independence Party

Billing Road