Anthem for Belper is inspired by sarnies!

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A mum was inspired to pen a song which will become Belper’s official theme tune while making sandwiches for her son.

Tracey Wilkinson was chosen as the best of 12 entries for Belper Town Council’s Song for Belper competition.

Her song is now being sent out to local schools and will be sung at official engagements and concerts for years to come.

But, the mum says that it was her son, Riley, aged seven, that gave her the inspiration for the choral work.

Tracey, aged 50, said: “The idea came to me while I was making cheese sandwiches for my son’s packed lunch. The tune just started going around in my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“It’s a complete honour to have won - I’m absolutely thrilled to bits.

“To think that my song will be sung for years to come is amazing.”

Tracey is a member of Belper’s Rough Truffles Choir, which will be performing the song at the Farmers’ Market on November 9 at No28 community hall in Market Place.

She continued: “I have been in choirs all my life. I’m hoping that people will have the words and come along to sing with us. The lyrics are all about the natural environment, the history of Belper, the mill, River Gardens and The Chevin. “

The idea for the competition came from Amber Valley and Belper town councillor Alan Cox, while watching a music programme on TV just before Christmas.

He said: “We were very pleased with the number of entries. It just showed there really is quite a lot of talent in Belper.

“All the entries were very good but we had to pick just one winner unfortunately and Tracey’s was the best of the dozen.

“Tracey came to our town council meeting and sang the first verse and chorus acapella and by the second chorus all the councillors were joining in .

“We hope that any event that there is singing in Belper this can be part of the performance.

“The mayor is having it at her civic service and we are hoping it will be sung on Christmas Eve around the Christmas tree.”

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A Song for Belper

Chorus: Sing, sing, sing,

Let your voices ring,

Like the chime of the Nailers’ hammering,

Mills and riverside,

Hills and countryside,

Belper is our pride!

Verse One: Jedediah’s time left the mill so fine,

Celebrated, feted far and wide,

Cobbled cottage rows where the river flows,

Living history unfolds...


Secret alleyways, farmers’ market days,

Leafy parks and glorious flower displays,

River Gardens fun, music in the sun,

And we welcome all who come...


Climb the Chevin’s height one fine Autumn night,

Watch the town settle down in the fading light,

Then the fair comes alive as the children arrive,

Spinning rainbows pulse and fly...


Cafe lights that gleam when the wind blows keen,

Icy streets, rosy cheeks, a timeless scene,

And our hills provide for a thrilling ride,

When the snowclouds fill the sky...


Amber jewel in the crown, Belper folk gather round,

We belong, sing this song for our lovely town,

As the music here fills the crystal air,

Celebrate our Beau Repaire!

CHORUS x one-and-a-half