Artistic Belper student is ‘a great asset to community’

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Being part of a sizable community such as Belper School presents opportunities for students to practise and enhance skills in a variety of contexts.

Students routinely manage all technical and artistic aspects of school drama productions, facilitate many music concerts, write news articles, create displays of work and guide visitors round the building.

While doing so they are building experience and confidence for themselves as well as providing a valuable community service.

One such student is keen photographer Daniel Selway. There is no doubt about the fact that his work has been a great asset to his community as he has taken photographs for the school prospectus and the news magazine. He also covers school productions and events, producing unusual and creative photographs - his skills are immediately evident in his work.

Daniel said: “My photography at Belper School has been beneficial as it has enabled me to gain experience of working with various groups on a range of subjects.

“Moreover, I am provided with experience of working to a specific, and sometimes detailed, brief, which will be useful to me if I follow a career in photography. It is also very rewarding to see my photos in print and in school publications.”

There is evidence of Daniel’s work around the school building, particularly in the drama department, where his monochrome photographs can prove to be effective. The January news magazine also contains his articles and photographic illustrations. His input has been valuable and we always encourage students to contribute to regular news updates.

Daniel added: “I would like to continue to advance my creative skills, I’d also like to travel and take photos across the world whilst gaining new experiences. As a career, I would simply like to be able to create. Whether this is photography or design will depend on the decisions I take in the near future.”

Judging by the work we have already seen, and the fact that he is always available for new challenges, I am sure that Dan will achieve his ambitions and that we will be seeing more from him in the future.