Author’s novel is ten year labour of love

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A Belper author has taken a novel approach to marketing her debut book which took a decade to write.

Liz Harrison, 31, sent out free booklets containing four sample chapters of her psychological horror Hindsight to around 100 people and businesses and some of those companies are now stocking those free booklets.

She plans to launch the novel with a party on Friday, November 15, at the Royal British Legion Club, on Strutt Street in Belper, from 7pm onwards.

Liz, 31, of Holbrook Road, said: “I started writing Hindsight ten years ago.

“I’m a bit of a literary cliche - I’ve read since I could read and written since I could write , but this is the first thing I’ve written that I finished and thought was good enough for publication, so that’s what I’ve done.”

The writing process was plagued with setbacks like a broken laptop which forced Liz to type her work out again.

Hindsight asks the intriguing question: if you could live your life again, right from the beginning, knowing everything you had known at the time of your death, what would you change?

The book opens with a harrowing description of a little girl’s near drowing at the seaside. Her dad dies when she is thirty and she struggles to deal with it. She takes her own life and is reincarnated with the knowledge of her older self - but this gift is also a bewildering curse.

Liz, who works at Wilkinson’s on King Street, said: “Her parents are scared to death of her. And in that sense it is a horror story. The book has evolved so much over the years. You have to give it a genre when you put it on Amazon. And I really had to think about it.”

The blurb on the book develops this theme: “After caring for her disabled father for the last twelve years of her short life, Jess Morgan is given the chance of a lifetime. Her lifetime. The chance to do it all again, to live her whole life from scratch. To change it.

“But with her parents terrified, driven half mad by their young daughters visions of the future, things begin to change in ways that Jess couldn’t have imagined and as time passes she quickly begins to realise that hindsight isn’t always 20-20.”

The booklets are now stocked in various Belper pubs and the ebook can be had by contacting Liz at her Facebook page

The ebook version is available to buy on Amazon.

Cover art for the book is by Becky Melbourne, of Belper, who has also designed artwork for the launch party, depicting scenes from the book.