Babington staff in flu jab campaign

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Healthcare workers at Babington Hospital have been getting their flu jabs ready to protect themselves and their patients this winter.

The vaccination programme at the hospital in Belper is part of the NHS Flu Fighter campaign to encourage healthcare staff to get their free seasonal flu jabs and help prevent this potentially life-threatening infection.

Carolyn White, Chief Nurse at Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust which runs Babington Hospital, said: “Our team of vaccinators began this week at Babington to offer staff their flu jabs. It is especially important that frontline staff looking after some of the most vulnerable patients in our care take up this opportunity.”

The NHS Flu Fighter campaign is being rolled out nationally to help reduce the spread of flu this season.

Babington Hospital’s Staff Nurse Ellie Chabaya, who works on Baron Ward, is one of the hospital’s infection prevention and control champions. She said: “I’ve had my flu jab this week and am encouraging my colleagues to have theirs.”