Ban stays for former Belper school teacher

A TEACHER banned from the classroom for downloading “inappropriate images” on a work laptop while employed at a school in Belper has failed in an attempt to get back on the teaching register.

James Kelly was working at St John’s Primary School, on Laund Nook, when he used a school laptop to download the images.

He also repeatedly made advances to pupils’ mothers.

A meeting of the General Teaching Council’s Professional Conduct Committee rejected Kelly’s application to return to the profession.

Committee chairman Tony Neal said it was not satisfied that Kelly was sufficiently aware of the professional standards expected of him as a teacher.

He said: “There is no evidence that he has taken any steps or made any effort to find out about such standards.

“Instead of concentrating on the inappropriate nature of his own behaviour, Mr Kelly sought to apportion blame elsewhere to include parents of pupils and members of staff.”

The committee had found that, while working at the school in Belper in 2004, he used a school laptop to download images.

It also found that, while employed at that school and at Curbar Primary School, in Hope Valley, Derbyshire, he used his position to make “inappropriate approaches” to female parents of children attending the schools.

It was also revealed that he conducted relationships with some of the women.

It said he inappropriately involved pupils of both schools in the conduct of the personal relationships and discussed them with the students.

The committee found that this constituted “unacceptable professional conduct”.

It also said that his behaviour, over a long period of time, was “extremely serious” and that there was evidence of deep-seated personality and attitude problems.

An order was then issued, banning Kelly from teaching.

Now, the committee has rejected his application.

He cannot apply again for another 12 months.