Batman is no joker in this riddler of a picture

editorial image

A GLUM-looking youngster is the star of the show in our first photograph this week.

The young boy does not look overly happy to be dressed up as the comic book hero Batman.

Maybe his arch enemies the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin are the ones taking the picture!

But whatever the reason for his glum expression, we are not sure of the reason why he was dressed as the caped crusader.

Are you the boy dressed up as Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego?

Were you the parents who dressed him up? Or, are you one of the other youngsters in the photograph?

Is it you dressed as the spaceman on the left?

Or are you one of the St Trinian’s-looking schoolgirls on the right?

Maybe you were the boy dressed as Dracula, or perhaps you were the young lady who donned the cape and fake ears?

We think the snap is from the early 1990s, but we don’t know where it was taken, or at what event. Do you know where, when and why it was taken?

If so, or if you are on this picture, then please get in touch on 01773 514153.

Alternatively, email us at or pop into our office on Grosvenor Road, Ripley to tell us what you know.