Belper brings in the pounds for jubilee

PATRIOTIC readers have now donated more than £100 to our Diamond Jubilee campaign.

The News has been asking for your donations since teaming up with Amber Valley Borough Council to get a tree and plaque installed planted in the town to mark the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Since then, the News Corner shop on King Street has kindly been collecting jam jars overflowing with coppers from generous readers.

Store owner Peter Athwal, said he has been impressed with the amount of people who had so far leant their support to the campaign.

The 49-year-old said: “People have been very generous and I’m sure we will raise a fantastic amount.

“They have shown such wonderful support for this idea and everyone is now wondering where in Belper the tree and plaque might be placed?”

The News was originally looking to raise around £200, however if we exceed that amount we may be able to plant another tree or ask readers to nominate other good causes and charities to receive the donations.

Peter’s wife Sarah added: “It looks as though we might get past that point. It would be great if it happens and we can look at doing something else with the money.

“If anyone’s got any pennies, please bring them along so we can support our town and do something for the jubilee.”

It is estimated that of the 22 million households in this country, there is on average £20 of loose change lying around every single house. If you wish to donate your jam jars of cash you can drop them off at the News Corner, at the top of King Street, opposite the Market Place in Belper, or at our office in Ripley at 27 Grosvenor Road.

We’ll do the rest and will print updates in the paper, online at, on Twitter at @belperlatest and on our Facebook page at Belper News so people can see how we are doing.

You can also log-on to our website to see a video of Sarah appealing for donations in the News Corner shop.

Among the events planned in Belper for the jubilee are a patriotic day in Memorial Gardens on June 2, a free concert in River Gardens the following day and a teddy bears picnic event.