Belper councillor slams ‘mindless’ toilet vandals

Belper town councillor John Nelson.
Belper town councillor John Nelson.

A Belper Town councillor has slammed vandals who caused damage to the only public toilets in the town.

Cllr John Nelson claims that the ladies toilets located on Strutt Street were graffitied with expletives.

The public toilets on Strutt Street, Belper.

The public toilets on Strutt Street, Belper.

The incident is believed to have happened last Thursday morning (May 28) after staff from the council, who run the toilets, turned up to clean in the morning.

The toilets are open from 9am until 5pm from Monday until Saturday and are closed on Sundays.

Cllr Nelson says that the specially-designed mural had only been finished for a number of days before vandals struck at the conveniences.

He told the Belper News: “We had a local artist come and design a lovely mural in conjunction with local schoolchildren on the ladies’ toilets earlier in the week.

“Then on Thursday morning Belper Town Council staff arrived to clean and found the graffiti.

“The graffiti was all over the mural and was five letters long. It’s just mindless vandalism.

“It’s sad that all the hard work that the children and artists have done has been ruined.

“It’s disgusting because the artist donated her time to do this lovely mural and now it has been treated like this.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire police said the incident was not being treated as a crime because of the mild nature of the offence.

The spokesperson added: “We are aware of the incident and an officer has been to view the graffiti.

“It is not being classed as a crime as it has not left permanent damage.

“Safer neighbourhood team officers will be increasing patrols in the area.”