Belper pupils fly into space

EXCITED students at Belper and Denby’s John Flamsteed schools went into ‘outer space’ with a Russian who played a key role in his country’s space exploration programme.

Alexander Martynov was head of the ballistics department at Mission Control Centre in Moscow and was responsible for the design of various re-entry modules and the control systems to provide soft landings on Earth, Mars and Venus.

He talked to students from both schools about the history of the Russian space exploration programme and its continuing significance in modern society. He covered space exploration from the 1950s to the present day, including astronauts’ training, views of the training centre in Star City and an insight into the complexities of mission control.

Trevor Harding, headteacher at Belper School, said: “Space exploration had a significant worldwide impact during the 20th Century and continues to open up areas of knowledge and research in modern science. This was an exciting opportunity for our students to gain an insight into the work of Russia, one of the giants of the worldwide space programme.”