Belper train user blasts un-fare charges

Belper train station.
Belper train station.

A commuter from Belper has slammed a train operator after she claimed she was charged double the price for a standard ticket.

Rachel Clark says she was made to purchase a ticket on her regular journey from Belper to Nottingham on August 18.

She says that the company is “trying to make profits out of ordinary people.”

She says the queue for the ticket machine was too busy to purchase from, despite her turning up in plenty of time.

Rachel then boarded the East Midlands train, only to be charged twice.

She said: “I took the 7:59 train to Nottingham to get to work. As usual, there was a long queue of people waiting for the one machine.

“Although I had arrived in good time, the train arrived before I had time to buy a ticket.

“Once on the train, I was confronted by a revenues officer who tried to charge me twice the fare to travel.

“They were effectively fining me because East Midlands trains don’t provide proper ticketing facilities.

“It’s interesting that they put the revenues officer on the busiest train where they knew that there would be people who were unable to buy tickets.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is yet another example of private firms trying to make profits out of ordinary people.”

An East Midlands Trains spokesperson said: “It’s a basic principle of travel on the UK rail network that people must buy a valid ticket before they travel.

“We do operate a penalty fare scheme across parts of the East Midlands Trains network which means that anyone travelling without a valid ticket could face an additional charge.

“For that reason, we advise that people always buy their tickets before they board.

“On this occasion, our member of staff explained this process to the customer, and she wasn’t charged any extra for her ticket. There are plans to install an additional ticket machine at Belper station in the near future.”